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About Microfinance Academy

Welcome to Microfinance Academy

Currently the African continent is the least developed among the five existing ones. Yet, it is the most promising positive change and developments guaranteeing a better world. Because, all its nations dispose of the varieties of the mineral resources with different richness in fauna and flora. So, to make our contribution to economic growth and sustained social peace; we, the African intellectuals and experts (cf: composition of the team ???), created the microfinanace academy.

What is microfinance academy

It is an international organization created in October 2017 to promote the microfinance sector by offering technical and strategic advice to its main actors. … to know:

  • The professionals of imf and bmf
  • Investors and partners
  • States and Governments
  • Customers and contractors

What's his mission?

1-Offer quality training tailored to the requirements of international market standards in the microfinance, insurance, banking sector in Africa to better meet the needs of their customers and better serve them. For this, we have set up training programs and certifications for the main actors (professionals of the sector, entrepreneurs / promoters and their employees, investors, States, ...).

2-Contribute to improving financial and business management of African entrepreneurs and communities through better financial education.

It offers different types of activities as follows:
Training and certifications
Coaching and mentoring
Technical assistance: strategic, operational advice